A woman should make sure to marry a religious man with a good character and not go for beauty, richness or lineage.


All women should prefer marrying men who seek knowledge.

An unlearned (person) who answers questions cannot only say ‘it’s allowed’ or ‘it’s not allowed’, rather he must mention the scholar who says it.

The parents should not hinder the girls from learning to read and write, on the condition that they are brought up Islamically. There is no difference between girls and boys in this question. To hinder girls from this means that their rights are abused and they are humiliated.

There are no doubts about the need of women doctors. It is better for a woman to show herself for a woman, and in some cases even her private parts, than to show it for the man. Therefore the woman has to study medicine and medicine related knowledge. But it has to occur in a prescribed way so that one does not mix with men.